Tower Display Unit, Davin Larkin

Tower Display Unit

This Tower Display Unit challenges everyone that views it with its cantilevered glass shelves that extend to apparently dangerous lengths.

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Tower Display Unit


It is a piece that is both innovative and functional to the highest extent. Each shelf can slide to any desired position giving a uniform display in between the two towers while on the outside it's as abstract as you make it.

The Tower Display Unit is manufactured using solid maple throughout. The bare timber is then applied with a natural dying agent made of malt vinegar and wire wool; this naturally changes the colour of the timber producing a green marbelled effect without hiding the natural grain of the timber.

The design also takes full advantage of the 10mm toughened glass that is used as cantilevered shelves.

Materials Solid Walnut, Glass shelves
Dimensions 2000 x 1000 x 500mm
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